Sunday, January 22, 2017

Idea Collections In Bullet Journals - An Example Spread

Bullet Journal Ideas spred

Almost as soon as I had started my bullet journal, I knew I would need to make a collection spread for my ideas. It would include the word "Ideas" inside a large cloud and I would write keywords of my recurring ideas around it. I had this vision in my mind, when I finally made that bullet journal layout today.

In my opinion, writing ideas down would be helpful for two reasons. First of all, my ideas would be saved. I would find them in one place, when I would have time to start new projects. Secondly, I thought it would help me focus on my current tasks better, if I could get those ideas out of my mind and put them on paper. It's no use spending time thinking about all these ideas that I cannot process right now, because I'm busy doing something else.

These ideas may or may not turn into reality one day. At this point it's not important - it's important just to save them. Having this in mind, I added this witty quote from Karl Lagerfeld: "I'm very much down to earth, just not this earth." What a perfect quote for this bullet journal spread! Ideas are ideas. Let them fly. They are not down to earth. Plans are.

Karl Lagerfeld quote in bullet journal

As one spread probably will not do for all my ideas, I placed two sticky post-it-notes below the main area. I'm going to write down only short keywords like "art" or "start a shop" or "write a new book" on the upper part of the pages and I´m going to add details on sticky notes. In time, I'm going to harvest my notes and replace the original post-it-notes with new ones. Hopefully I'll be able to turn some of my ideas into plans during this year.

Post-it-notes in bullet journal

To help me find this spread fast, I marked the page on the right side with golden washi tape. I also added a beautiful swan stamp beside it - just because it looked nice and it coordinated with the color theme of this spread. I just happened to notice the stamp while I was making the ideas spread of my bullet journal and now it's there.

Bullet journal page mark

I made the thick lines with a thick gold marker. First I chekced out, if the marker would bleed. It didn't, so I thought it would be safe to use it. Dashed lines around the Ideas cloud and Karl Lagerfeld's quotes are made with a golden gel pen.

I'm very happy with this beautiful spread and it will probably be one of the most used in my bullet journal. This spread is for general future ideas. I'm going to make separate pages for Valentine's day ideas, Christmas ideas and some other specific themes later on.

See you in the next post!

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