Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bullet Journal Week One - First impressions

Picture: Bullet Journal Week One

After one week of bullet journaling I have good news and bad news. Good news first: I´m still in love with my bullet journal and I´m definitely going to continue this project. I have always used lists to get things organized, but it was never my routine to start a day taking a planner or a journal in my hand. Now it is. I create the daily task list - or the beginning of the list - right after morning coffee. I´m sure it has helped me to achieve better results already.

This is my first bujo spread. Week one is on the right side and the page I made for January is on the left side. I added a motivational quote on the January page just to cheer me up. "Respect the struggle and grow from it." My life has been a great struggle for the last ten years and it still is. I hope my bullet journal will help me get my life back.

Week One Notebook Layout

The bad news is that I felt I had failed, if I could not complete all my daily tasks. It made me feel frustrated.

I think it will be easier to set realistic target over time, though. Some of my tasks were too large and contained too many subtasks for one day. I´m going to add tasks in more manageable chunks to my future lists. After all, one of my problems is that many of my goals seem to be so large that I feel overwhelmed, and then I end up doing nothing at all.

One of these hard projects has been studying CSS. I finally got started yesterday - and I thank my bullet journal for it. My goal is to spend one hour each day studying a giant book on CSS. It will be my top priority this week.

I still have empty spreads in my notebook, though I have added them to the Index. For example, there´s nothing in my bucket list or in the running to do list for things that need to be done, but not on any exact date. I have yet to learn to write down things, if something pops up in my mind while I´m doing something else. That is why I created those bujo pages for!

Picture: Bucket list and things to do list

All in all, I´m happy with the first week and I know I´m going to achieve better results as I get used to using my bujo whenever I feel the need to save an idea or a thought. See you soon!

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