Monday, June 12, 2017

Five Months Of Bullet Journaling

Picture: Five months of bullet journaling

Yes, I'm still using my bullet journal. Not daily, but I'm still using it, and I find it very useful. One of the main reasons to keep it is that it helps me pick up something that I'm going to focus on, and so far I've managed to achieve all my monthly goals.

Monthly spreads

After January I decided to have two months on one spread. My monthly spreds are very simple, as you can see. The main thing is to state my goals, which I have limited to three.

Picture: Bullet journal monthly spread February March

That's my February - March spread above.

Picture: Bullet journal monthly spread April May

And this is my April - May spread.

I have used my month spreads for storing my sticky notes as well, which I find very handy. As a matter of fact, I have sticky notes all over my bullet journal. I don't feel it's necessary to write down every single thing in my bullet journal. Instead I use disposable sticky notes, so my two monthly spreads or idea spreads are big enough for everything that needs to be remembered. I even bought these tiny sticky notes by The Happy Planner that you can see an example on the right side of this spread. They're so small you can stick them anywhere and use several sticky notes on the same page.

Daily entries not daily

At first I added daily entries daily, but not any more. I add daily entries when I feel it's needed - that is when I have too many things to do at the same time, and I need to sort them out and see what I really can do during one day and the rest will go to to-do-lists.

Picture: Daily entries in my bullet journal

This is my daily spread from April - May.

From Bullet Journaling to Art Journaling

The one thing that caught my eye about bullet journals was that they were colorful and pretty and creative. They still are, but I'm more and more into art journaling these days.

Picture: From bullet journaling to art journaling

If you look at my May page, you'll see that one of my goals was to make at least three Youtube videos, and that's what I did. At the moment I've published six videos and I've already got plenty of them waiting to be edited.

You'll find my videos on my Youtube channel, which you will find here:

I'll probably make a video about my bullet journal later on this year, but meanwhile I welcome you to my channel to watch videos on art journaling, scrapbooking, card making and mixed media!

See you!

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