Anneli Auer - About Me
I'm Anneli, a writer and a self-employed creative spirit , who's been sharing my passions on my websites almost since the beginning of the World Wide Web.

Long time ago I graduated from Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku majoring in business administration and minoring in information management and marketing communications. Then I met my future husband, started a family and started my own business.

I had it all. And then I lost it.

The tragic story of my family is widely known in Finland. It's a long and winding story about great losses, traumatic events, backstabbing, unprofessional "experts" and surprising twists and turns that I could never had imagined in my worst nightmares. My autobiography was published last year and it sold well in Finland. Maybe it will be translated into English some day.

This blog isn't about my life story, though. I's about bullet journaling. I stumbled upon it last December, when I was looking for a nice font. I had'nt heard about bullet journals, so I  Googled "bullet journal" and found eye catching layouts, calligraphy tips and inspiring bullet lists on various topics.

Goal setting, planning and journaling is something that I've been doing all my life, so I figured this is would be my thing.

Only later I found out, that bullet journal refers to a specific system developed by Ryder Carroll. I use my own system instead of his, so this is slightly different kind of bullet journaling. Anyway,  I hope you'll find something useful on my blog - something for your bullet journal or something that will help you plan your life.

My own life has almost settled down after ten years of emotional roller coaster, so this is a good place to start sharing what I have learned about life and planning so far. Right now I'm building new life and making big plans, so bullet journaling definitely comes in handy. As I write this, I live in Finland in northern Europe, but by the end of this year I may live in any place in the world. Anything is possible.

UPDATE 2018: I'm still using various bullet journals, but they're turned more into junk journals these days. I made this blog while I was starting bullet journaling, but after a while  I didn't have time to update it any more. I still use it occasionally to make announcement about freebies and bullet journal related updates on Youtube and other sites, though.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found something useful here.

Anneli Auer in Turku